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Amate from Spanish - Love yourself

In these busy days our urban lifestyle has separated us from the earth.
Inspired by a child's memory of a blossoming meadow, we created Amate to remind us that nature teaches us harmony and balance.
We appreciate the beauty of simplicity and honour the earth. 
Beauty rituals and skincare compositions don't have to be complex. 
Egyptians and Indians used various plants, herbs, flowers, roots and clay which they mixed with water or milk to nourish, tone and rejuvenate their skin. They said Cleopatra applied a Dead Sea mud face mask to draw out impurities or bathed in a donkey milk and used royal jelly in her beauty rituals, to moisturise her skin from head to toe. 
For our products we use completely natural, non toxic, vegan and cruelty free ingredients, which have not undergone any chemical treatment, so they are easily absorbed by the skin. Оur partners in this journey are boutique producers who put all their passion into what they do.
Modern rituals with ancient origins 
Applying a face mask is one of the most ancient beauty rituals.
Our Terra line collection of masks are formulated with raw and purified ingredients just as our ancestors used in the past. While preparing them, you will feel their authentic smell and texture, and enjoy a natural spa experience at home getting in touch with yourself .


With Love 

Evgeniya & Martin