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Femininity Across Time: Beauty Secrets Handed Down Through Generations

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This project is about capturing the intimate stories and cherished memories of women and their beauty secrets. This endeavor is more than a quest for personal narratives; it's an exploration of the diverse and profound ways in which our mothers and grandmothers have influenced the beauty rituals we hold dear. As women, our journey into the world of beauty is often paved by the footsteps of those who came before us. The influence of our mothers and grandmothers is a tapestry woven with love, traditions, and timeless wisdom. In every ritual, every whispered piece of advice, and every shared beauty secret, we discover not just a routine but a legacy—an intimate connection that transcends generations. In the hushed conversations over shared mirrors and dressing tables, beauty secrets are exchanged like precious jewels. From homemade masks passed down through the years to the art of a perfectly winged eyeliner, each secret is a whispered promise that beauty is an art form—one that can be mastered and shared, linking the women of a family in a subtle yet profound sisterhood.

 The chicken fat facial mask

The first story of this project is a short one, caught by coincidence and captured with a phone.
Benedita is an elegant lady I met at a Christmas market. She impressed me with her style and showed me a special trick how you can make your pearls more attractive by adding a brooch. Born and living all her life in Lisbon, Benedida speaks 5 languages and is extremely punctual for her age. I told her about this project and she immediately shared with me the memories she had of her aunt.


"My aunt Maria Clara, who was born in 1883, had very beautiful skin, untouched by wrinkles. White and soft as silk. But she had her beauty tricks.

She made a face mask of chicken fat, lemon juice and cucumber. All this mixed into a paste and set to work on the face for 30 minutes. That was her beauty secret. My routine throughout my youth has been two simple steps: Cleansing the face, then I used Vaseline and that's it"

Тhis story and all next ones in the series, isn't just about a mask; when the beauty market wasn't flooded with an abundance of products women crafted their routines with what nature offered, and each application was a homage to the wisdom passed down through generations.

Our journey with Amate Naturals is a reconnection with the elemental simplicity that has withstood the test of time. A celebration of embracing what nature provides, a return to the basics, and a recognition that sometimes the most profound skincare rituals are the ones inspired by the earth itself.

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