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Beauty Secrets Handed Down Through Generations : Maissane

Photography @figleafjourney

Hello, Maissane! Can you share a bit about you and your cultural background?
I'm a 28-year-old woman of Moroccan descent who grew up in the countryside in France, currently living in Lisbon.

How, if at all, does your cultural background influence your beauty rituals and self-care practices?
Firstly, it instilled in me a deep appreciation for natural ingredients and traditional remedies. Instead of relying on commercial products, I often turn to natural remedies passed down through generations in my family.

Can you recall a specific piece of advice or DIY routine or receipt related to skincare that your mother or grandmother shared with you?
One advice passed down from my grandmother is a simple yet effective body scrub recipe. It involves mixing argan oil with brown sugar, leaving the skin soft and rejuvenated. As for tanning, I used to blend olive oil with lemon when I was younger, but I've since shifted towards prioritizing sun protection for my skin.

Are there any traditional ingredients from your cultural background that you use in your skincare routine? 
Yes. Argan oil, rose water or ghassoul clay for exemple. These ingredients have been used for centuries in Moroccan beauty practices. More precisely I incorporate rose water daily to reduce under-eye puffiness, and I regularly cleanse my body with moisturizing Moroccan black soap. Тhen I hydrate with Amate Rose Body Butter. I also use castor oil to strengthen my lashes, eyebrows, and hair. Moreover, my Moroccan heritage also influences my choice of fragrances, as I'm drawn to scents with spicy undertones like tonka, vanilla, or patchouli. Sometimes, I even perfume myself directly with musk for its rich aroma. 

Were there any rituals in your family that involving holistic wellness or natural remedies? 
I’m going to the hammam every few months for a traditional ritual.

Thank you for sharing with us !
Thank you for having me !